Reminder:  Online Continuing Education Bail Courses No Longer Authorized In Florida

Please let this serve as a reminder that last Summer (2022) the Department Notified us that they had been made aware that some continuing education providers may have offered online or self-study Limited Surety (Bail Bond) courses which are not in compliance with Florida law. Florida Statute 626.386(4)(a) which stipulates that a Bail Bond Supervising Instructor shall be present at all classes. Also, F.A.C. 69B-228.030(23) provides additional clarity by defining “Present” as to appear in person, or by live connection through electronic means.

Because of this you will not be able to fulfill your continuing education requirement for bail online.

We receive calls on a daily basis from bail agents in Florida in a panic because they said they were not aware of this change.

You can search the Department’s website for a list of providers that are offering live webinar courses and in person classroom courses throughout the state.  This will allow you to get the link to their websites and check their approved scheduled of courses.  If needed, you may attempt to make a request for an expectation of time on your hours from the Department.


Before you register you must first check your compliance and your transcripts by logging into your profile page at Once you confirm your compliance, please register for classes below.

The insurance license classifications for these courses are CE0234 for the continuing education classes and PL0237 for the 120 Hour Pre-Licensing course.

Note: Bail Bond Education Providers is not responsible for your compliance requirement. Please remember that in the State of Florida you must complete 14 Hours of Continuing Education, every two years, before the end of your birth month. We are not responsible for non-compliance if you take a class that you are not eligible to receive credit for. It is your responsibility to check your compliance and register for classes that you are eligible for.

Please be sure to visit the Department of Financial Services website prior to registering for ANY courses.  You should always check to make sure that you are eligible to take these courses or that you are eligible to obtain a bail bond license in Florida.